Does your lawyer really know you or your business? 

Why Virtual GC?

  • We believe in a long-term, intellectually engaged relationship with every client
  • We're not just lawyers, we're entrepreneurs, and we understand the challenges businesses face and the priorities they really have
  • We understand budgetary constraints and help manage legal investment for maxiumum value

We're a Good Fit If:

Or course, we're here any time you need us.  But the best time to build a relationship with your General Counsel is before you think you need it.                                                                  
We work best when we've learned your business, your management style, and your concerns.                                                                                      
Then, Virtual GC can be most effective when the need arises.

Sophisticated Services with a Boutique Feel

A lawyer is someone you call from time to time when problems or needs arise.                    

In contrast, a General Counsel is someone who learns your business, becomes a part of your team, and adds strategic insight and business value when providing legal advice.

  • You want to align your legal investment with your business goals
  • You've reached that point where ad hoc infrastructure isn't supporting your business and you are starting to build sustainable process and structure
  • You need a polished professional to help grow relationships with big business clients, investors, and strategics

Meet Virtual GC Before You Need Us

With Virtual General Counsel, you can have all the benefits of a GC without the full-time cost!